(Scanned Version of September 1967 The Flagg - PDF)

This newsletter was found in my father's collection of things as I was helping him and my mother clean up as they are moving. I scanned the document with my iPhone and upload it here for archival purposes. Text below is transposed from scanned file on 4/13/2020, any transposing errors unintentional, but typos left in place from original. We've attempted to try to recreate the formatting below. -Chris Hammond


Jefferson City, Missouri

September 1967

The last two events sponsored under the name of' SMSCC have been real successful and a lot of credit is due to the chairmen of the events -- Bill Hammond f or his July rallye and Jean Lambkin for his gymkhana in August. Even though Bill repo ted his rallye at the August meeting and your editor attempted to report it in the August issue of THE FLAGG, an article appears here to sum up his event.

THE BIG DAY ------------------------------------------------------ William L. Hammond

The big day was finally here. The day I had wondered about for weeks. Would it be a good rally? Would it be worth all of the time , effort, and expense that was involved? It would not be long before all my questions would be answered.

When I pulled into the IGA parking lot at noon, I saw only one car -- a police car with two officers sitting in it. For some reason I knew they were there concerning the rally. Sure enough, after I started getting out the trophies and other materials, they came over to where I was setting up registration. Believe me -everything in the world was going through my mi nd. However, after talking with them, I discovered they were there to offer their assistance in order to avoid any traffic problems. Boy, was I relieved.

Around 12:15 the first sports car pulled into the parking lot. A green Porsche 911 with which I was not familiar, but was sure glad to see . Registration was now open.

For the next 30 to 45 minutes I was busy handling registration. So busy that I temporarily forgot about my previous worries.

It was not until registration slowed down that I really had time to look around and see who was there. Believe me, it was a wonderful sight. There were twenty-two cars setting in the parking lot , and they were all entered in the Show-Me Sports Car Club rally. There were many familiar and unfamiliar faces, and I was glad to see them all.

After all the cars were off on their afternoon hunt» I had time to look over the registration sheet. There were cars entered from all over - - - Sedalia, Jefferson City, Columbia, Rolla, St. Louis, Moberly, Warrensburg - not counting the navigators which also included Kansas City, Fort Leonard Wood , and Knob Knoster.

One questions was answered -- we were not going to come out in the red, we were going to make some money. But I was still wondering what the genera l attitude would be toward the rally when the cars came in.

As soon as the cars started coming in, I began to grade the score sheets in order to present the trophies that evening. Meanwhile the different rally teams were discussing the rally with other teams. Talking about their mistakes, the countryside, road conditions, and general sports car talk. It seemed as though everyone had a good time, the inexperienced as well as the experienced.

After announcing the results and presenting the trophies to the first three placed, the different rally teams began leaving for their destinations. The day was finally over. It had been a long day, a hot day, but an enjoyable day for all involved, most of all the rallymaster.


This summer has been one ideal for sports cars and their enthusiasts. Top down most of the time, very seldom caught in the rain, cool weather and no sun-burned heads, and good roads for sport and recreation travel. Pardon the plug for the Missouri State Highway Department, but they do have some of the best and most scenic roads in the Middle West. While not ideally suited for fast driving of the big Detroit cars, they are a real pleasure for those with small high performance automobiles. The highways here in central and southern Missouri are the most outstanding with scenery and alignment for real fun driving. If you enjoy this type of recreation, why don’t you and some of your friends try trailing for a nice Sunday afternoon tour of this wonderful country. FAll is about here – so try it. It’s wonderful!

Those of us who have been around SMSCC for quite a spell must admit we have some younger and real active members. Two of these, Bill Hammond and Nick Salmon, are really giving their all and are not only have a good time but becoming real competitive. On August 13 they competed in a rally sponsored by St. Louis Region of SCCA. Hammond reports -

RALLY NEWS ------------------------------------------------------ William L. Hammond

On Sunday, August 13, the ST. Louis Region of the SCCA Held the “Mini Daniel Boone” rally. This was to be a scaled down version of the annual Daniel Boone rally, and was to be set up for the inexperienced, the novice.

The rally began in the southwest area of ST. Louis and by means of various routes ended in Washington, Missouri. The Washington “Town and Country Fair” was in progress at this time and all the entrants were guests of the Fair, along with a “free” chicken dinner.

Various makes and models of cars began gathering at the starting location around 10:30 a.m. By the time the first car was off at 11:30, there were thirty-nine entries, ranging from American sedans, MG’s, Triumphs, Sprites, Corvettes, Mustangs, Porsches, VW’s up to a Cadillac Allard roadster.

Various general instructions were handed out before the start. These instructions were basically the same as the rallies held in the mid-Missouri area, except for various terms which were new. Things such as “free zones,” “dead mileage,” “transit” and many others.

The rally was 105 miles long, about average for a rally in our area. However, there were some big differences, the first one being there were eight different legs within this 105 miles. Second there were many speed changes within each leg, sometimes occurring every two to three miles, which kept the navigator busy. Thirdly, the rally was scored only on official exact time. One penalty point was given for each one hundredth of a minute off official time.

These differences made this novice rally quite challenging to those who were not experienced in this type of rallying.

Another interesting point was the fact that the instructions for the "Mini Daniel Boone" were three pages of the original eight pages of instructions from the annual Danie Boone rally.

Upon reaching the last check points all entrants received tickets for the Fair plus a ticket for the free chicken dinner. From this point they drove on to the Fairgrounds where parking space been reserved for all entrants.

There was plenty of time to take in the Fair and enjoy a hot meal before the results were announced.

Around 6:3O all of the entrants drove into an open air arena where the rallymaster announced the results t o the entrants and the public.There were two classes , members of SCCA and non- members with five trophies, which were donated by the Fair officials, in each class.

This rally was a new and different experience to some, perhaps commonplace to others, but thoroughly enjoyed by all. The rally was run quite smoothly and efficiently, and was topped off with a good meal and lots of fun at the Washington “Town and Country Fair.”

PLAZA PITS GYMKHANA ------------------------------------------------------ Editor

Sunday, August 27, dawned a wonderful day – clear skies and moderate temperatures – ideally suited for a sports car competition event.

Jean Lambkin chaired a gymkhana at the Southwest Shopping Center on the parking area behind Montgomery Ward which was entered by 20 contestants in quite a variety of automobiles, ranging from the VW driven to George Shelley to a Chevy powered 1952 Ford dragster driven by Bill Taylor of Jefferson City.

The course laid out by Lambkin was tight – small gates, tightening chicayne and a tight figure either – which was favorable for the small sports car.

With more than enough power, the Ford dragster was not maneuverable enough to be competitive, but did provide some excitement. The best time of the day was registered by Bill Shaw of Sedalia in his racing trimmed A-H Sprint; 1:30.9.

The cars were classed Ex. (Shaw), A, B and C Sports and Sedan. Bill Hammond in his A-H copped first in class with a 1:39.9. Mike Robinson was first in Class B with his Porsche turning in a 1:42.7 and Dan Coleman in his A-H Sprite grabbing first in Class C with a 1:36.9. George Shelley took first in the Sedan Class with a 1:44.2.

This was a well managed event that moved along efficiently and safely. Thanks to Jean for a fine job.

SEPTEMBER RALLY  ------------------------------------------------------ Jim Turner

A Time-Distance-Speed Rally will be held Sunday afternoon September 24, 1967. This will be a straight-forward rally with practically no gimmicks, and requiring the usual rally equipment: maps, clock, rally-tables or calculation equipment, etc. A navigator will be required and be sure to have a pencil.

Starting Place: State Highway Department – District Office – Business Route 50 west in Jefferson City. This is just west of McDonald’s Drive-In.

Drivers Meeting : 1:00 p.m.

First Car Out: 1:30 p.m.

Trophies and Dash Plaques

Rally will end in vicinity of Jefferson City.

POINTS STANDING (As of August 21, 1967)

R. Cravens 49 G. Neblett 16
B. Hammond 48 K. Neblett 16
N. Salmon 48 S. Neblett 14
J. Turner 39 B. McFarland 13
K. Moore 36 M. Robinson 13
D. Poskin 30 G. Shelley 10
D. Payne 28 N. Saum 9
B. Poskin 28 R. Blank 8
J. Lambkin 26 J. Mitchell 6
M. Salmon 26 T. Comee -
B. Harman 17    


Thursday, September 14, 1967 – 8 p.m.
United Sportsmen’s Clubhouse
Business Meeting